Lana Call

My passion for horses started when I was under 5 years old.  I was scared to death of these beautiful creatures.  Yet, something inside of me couldn't stop dreaming of them.  I was told, "If you can lead this pony up and down the driveway, all by yourself, you can ride her!".  Challenge accepted.  I cried the whole way, thinking she would step on or trample me, but I made myself do it!  At 5 years old, I walked that pretty little black Shetland pony up and down that driveway crying the whole way.  Little did I know that "Beauty" would never hurt a child.  I was taught my first lesson in horsemanship that day, and have carried it throughout my life... If it's worth it to you, even if you are scared, face your fears, bite the bullet, take the leap, and never, ever stop learning about what you are passionate about!!

     Since that day I have chased my dream.  I've ridden every chance I could get, fallen off more times than I can count, been kicked and bitten, and ridden through countless trails and rivers.  All of my experience and lessons learned have made me who I am today - a better listener, a better teacher, and above all, a better horseman!

     I have over 30 years of equine experience, 5 of which were spent working as a trail guide at Maybury Riding Stable.  I've taken care of my own horses in my backyard for over a decade.  I'm very proud and excited to share everything I've learned with people who share my passion!

Emma Rinehart

My love of horses has been with me for as long as I can remember.  I knew, before I had even seen a horse in person, that this was my passion.  As a little girl, my dad would take me riding every weekend, and I would wait impatiently for the hour I could spend on my favorite horse.  In high school, I got my first job at Maybury Riding Stable as a trail guide.  What bliss!  I stayed for seven years, and only left to attend the Horse Management Program at Michigan State University. 

     After spending the summer in Milwaukee completing an internship with the Bureau of Land Management's Wild Horse and Burro Program, I was hooked.  I moved to Jackson, Mississippi, where I was hired as a Wild Horse and Burro Specialist.  The next six years were spent working with mustangs and adopters, placing the horses in homes and inspecting them to make sure they were cared for.  I adopted two myself, and learned more from them about training and horse behavior than I would've thought possible.

     Eventually, my yearning for Michigan overcame the love I had for my job, and it was time to come home.  I began exploring the local state parks on the back of my horse, and rediscovered the peace and serenity that comes from trail riding.  

     I love nothing more than sharing my passion with others, whether you're an experienced horseman or just beginning on your equine journey.  Come out and see how your everyday stresses melt away in the beauty of the woods.  I'll see you on the trails!